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Big Catch Statue
The Big Catch statue is based upon a story of a beautiful maiden who was turned into a fish. After a kiss from the fisherman, she turns back into a maiden. The statue with a fisherman holding and kissing a voluptuous fish was a very controversial item when it was unveiled to the public. The statue...
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Bootlegging At Des Moines Marina
Learn about Roy Olmstead and his role in the secret culture of bootlegging during prohibition and how the Des Moines Marina was a key location to deliver smuggled alcohol.
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Duwamish Gardens
This important piece of land that represents the history of the Coast Salish people, pioneering truck farmers, and Italian immigrants now serves as a reminder of the past and an important salmon restoration habitat.
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Maury Island Incident Mural
In 1947, just off the coast of Des Moines, UFOs appeared resulting in the first documented meeting with government agents – the original men in black. This mural depicts it all and leaves the viewer with a sense of awe and mystery.
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Nike Missile Site At Grandview Dog Park
With all the happy dogs frolicking around at this SeaTac park, you’d never know the location used to house a Cold
War-era missile defense system. In the late 1940s a defense system against incoming Soviet bombers included nearly a dozen Nike Missile sites in Washington state, this being one of them!

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Robert Morris Earthwork
In 1979, the King County Arts Commission brought together a unique team of government agencies to create a historic work of public art, designed to rehabilitate land damaged by industry.
Artist Robert Morris removed undergrowth from an abandoned 3.7-acre gravel pit in the Kent Valley, terraced the...
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Spice Bridge International Food Hall
Spice Bridge is home to FIN’s Food Business Incubator program, which helps South King County women of color and immigrants start and grow thriving restaurant and catering businesses. Come experience foods from around the world at Spice Bridge.
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The Cloud At Angle Lake Light Rail Station
This shimmering, glittering art installation at the light rail station marks the beginning or an end to any journey. Named “The Cloud” to represent a 3D cumulus cloud when viewed from a distance, this installation works with the sun and wind to create a destination that is uplifting to riders, pedestrians, and passersby.
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Zenith Holland Nursery
The oldest continually operating business in Des Moines has grown and sold high quality plants to locals and visitors since 1907. This nursery has witnessed and survived 2 world wars, a depression, a pandemic and so much more.